Centurion systems

We are a proud stockist of all Centurion Systems products. Centurion manufactures a diverse and superior range of products to control the access of people and vehicles within restricted areas such as residential homes (estates and complexes) as well as commercial and industrial properties.

The Centurion Systems product range that we offer is vast, ranging from gate motors, garage motors, remote controls, traffic barriers, GSM solutions and intercom systems. We offer competitive prices on all Centurion Systems’ products.

Sliding Gates

The entrance gate to your home or business is your first line of defense standing between your property and the preying criminals. Make sure your gate is fitted with the best in the industry.

Swing Gate Motors

We offer a wide range of domestic and industrial gate motors. Contact our trained professionals for the best advice on which gate motor would best suit your home or business.

Traffic Barriers/ Boom Gates

Boom gates offer a formidable means of controlling vehicle access. Ideal for residential estates, complexes as well as business parks. The centurion boom gate is reliable and can handle the heaviest of traffic volumes while at the same time offering superior security.